In The Play of Life,What character are you?


Mary & John the Baptist

God chooses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise.  This means God doesn’t want us because we have it all together or because he cannot do it without us.  However, he invites us into the story to be a supporting actor.  As we respond in worship, we get to experience the miraculous.  When we respond in worship, we become apart of something bigger than ourselves.

Peter & Judas

We walk into a situation assuming one thing to find something else, it can make us angry, frustrated, sad, doubtful, discouraged, even rebellious. We have a choice to make: give up, resist, flee, or persevere, stay faithful, trust? That’s what Peter and Judas were facing as they began to realize that Jesus wasn’t going to meet their expectations. Because of this, both Peter and Judas were faced with a choice: do I trust Jesus, nor not? Do I believe Him, or do I take measures into my own hands?