CORE Series


Strengthening Faith, Family, and Fun


Part 7: Fun-Missionally Minded

The hope for America is not politics or forcing God into the public sector.  The hope for our country, state, and city are the people of God fulfilling the mission of God.  Every single person is called to live on mission for God in their everyday life.  Just like there is diversity in who we are, there is diversity in how we are called to live on mission. 

Part 5: Giving Selflessly & Living Like Christ

Could it be that we need to understand our calling/purpose in order to start living a life of consistently giving selflessly. The amazing reality is when we start living a life of consistently giving selflessly, we are living like Christ. What can we learn from the life and teachings of Jesus that will help us discover God’s call upon our lives? 

Core Part 8: Fun—Actively Serving

Every single person in the body of Christ (the church family) has a calling from God.  Our primary calling is to seek God first and build our lives on our relationship with Him.  That is the same for all of us.  However, each of us has a specific and unique calling that God has given us.  The purpose of the calling isn’t that we would be fulfilled and successful.

Part 6: Family-Authentically Connected

Somewhere along the line in church growth and development, church has become more synonymous with buildings and programs than it has been with people.  GOD IS CALLING US TO THE VERY HEART OF WHERE HIS CHURCH BEGAN.  All about relationships. All about people.  The church is not supposed to be full of everyone who agrees on everything.  It is supposed to be a place where people experience the love of Jesus Christ through His presence, word and people.

Part 3: Faith—Biblically Fluent

God’s word isn’t just something we read for a nice devotional or something we hear preach on a Sunday, it becomes something we obey and build our entire lives on.  So many people would have avoided crashes like the Titanic if they had listened and followed God’s plan. 

Part 4: Faith—Spirit Empowered

As we’re thinking about God’s promises, the first principle we need to take away is that GOD IS FAITHFUL – HE WILL DO WHAT HE SAYS HE WILL DO. This is encouraging! When we respond to the call to build the Next Generation, we can trust that God will empower us by His Spirit to complete the work. Each of us individually and together as the body of Christ are empowered by His Spirit!

Part 2: Faith—Responsive in Worship

Let 2019 become a year where you learn to be responsive in worship.  Let's start worshipping God for who He is and not merely for what He has done for us lately.  of course, we praise God for what He has done, but we are called to worship deeper than that. Let’s worship regardless if they are your favorite songs or not, respond in worship.  Regardless if you find yourself in a desert or on the mountaintop respond in worship.

Part 1: Intro—Wyandotte Family Live

We begin our CORE series in a fun and dynamic way!! What are the core values of Wyandotte Family Church?