What is God’s Will For My Life?

How to Develop a Holy Life

One of the tensions that exist in our faith is the tension of God making us holy VERSES our role in living out of that holiness. If God has already made me holy and clean through Jesus Christ, does that mean I can live however I want and be covered? Typically, we don’t like the feeling of tension so to relieve the tension we go to one side or the other of the pendulum. One side is I have to follow all of these rules to be in right relationship with God, and the other is everything goes because God is gracious.

What Holiness Is

Holiness is not an actionable term but rather a relational term. Therefore the understanding of holiness is never in regard to our actions, works or deeds. Rather its understanding is rooted in our relational position with God. Holiness is about experiencing the goodness of God and reflecting the glory of God. That means holiness is more about God than it is about us.

What Holiness is Not

Holiness is not about rules and regulations, it is NOT about what I can and cannot do, it is not about what I can and cannot say, and it is certainly not about being good enough, or performing enough good deeds or works to be classified as “holy.” It is not about any of those things.  Holiness IS about continuing to look at the condition and character of your heart.  How many of you would say that this definition is different than the definition you previously thought of? 

Is It Really Possible to be Holy?

Some people view being holy as impossible so why even try?  Why frustrate yourself with something that isn’t achievable?  Instead of viewing holiness as impossible, what if we viewed it as an invitation?  What if had less to do with what you do and more to do with what Jesus has already done?