Inadequate or Unique?

Everyone Has Pain

When we encounter pain we either turn inward or keep growing outward.  When we turn inward we develop bitterness, resentment and a narrow focus.  When we grow outward we experience God’s grace and are able to be used by God to help others. 

Since pain is something we all experience, how do we allow pain to be used for good?  Does pain have to paralyze us and destroy us?  What if there was a way for pain to be redeemed? 

Every Person Has Choices

Choosing Joy is much easier said than done and I’m not saying we need to just sit and be happy about life. God has a plan and purpose for us and part of His plan is for you and me to have joy here and now. Not a Pollyanna positivity that everything is rosie, but a deep sense of joy no matter what. How do we get there? You see we are inadequate to make this choice on our own. We must let God do a deep work in us to get us to a place of true joy.

Every Person Has a Passion

The church has subtly been deceived and without even knowing it has turned the Gospel of Jesus Christ into being consumeristic just like our culture.  We want to develop our gifts and passions solely so we can feel more fulfilled.  There is nothing wrong with being fulfilled in and of itself (that is a good thing) but it is not our driving force.  When we strive to discover our passion so we can honor Christ with what He has graced us with and serve others so others will be built up, we will be fulfilled.