Simplify: Love People

It‘s easy for us to go to church, worship, sing, lift our hands, listen to the sermon and love God.  It is an entirely different story for us to love our spouse when they don’t listen, our children when they don’t obey or our co-worker who won’t stop being annoying.  Because of the difficulty, over time we have someone separated these two and made our focus of spirituality merely loving God and justified our lack of love for people. 

Simplify: Love God

How do we get everything done that we want to do? The culture at large is wrestling with this question. More and more people are becoming minimalists trying to simplify and declutter their homes. Others are selling everything and moving into school buses traveling the country. Others are paying consultants to help them organize their homes. We have never been more blessed as a nation and have never felt the crushing weight of it like we do now.