Unshackling Joy: The Development of Joy

Joy is so elusive because when we think we have obtained it and achieved it, “poof” it disappears.  There are so many that pursue joy thinking if they just work harder and go further down the road, they will achieve it.  If I can just obtain a certain body image, then I will be joyful.  If I can work hard enough and save up enough money, then I’ll be joyful.  If I can find that right person, then I will be joyful. Without even realizing it, we are setting ourselves up for failure, never being able to reach the mirage of joy.  

Unshackling Joy: The Source of Joy

One source of Paul’s joy is the relationship in the gospel he has with his dear Philippian friends: how they have partnered with him in declaring the gospel of Jesus, supporting him throughout his ministry, working with him in defense and confirmation of the gospel. He prays for them--that this great work of God in Christ Jesus would be brought to completion in them as they continue faithfully relying on God and growing in love for one another.